Stutter Step

First, a little about this blog. This blog was created to put important things into perspective. I’m not talking about politics, the economy, world peace, or anything of that nature – I’m talking about sports. I love sports; I love playing sports, I love watching sports, I love talking about sports, I love its cultural impact, I love sports uniforms, and most of all I love sports history.

Sports history though, has taken an interesting turn. With the endless amounts of 24/7 sports media outlets, fan blogs, statistical sites, and the like, sports is very NOW!. Every player, it seems, is described as “the best _______ since…”. Sports are so much more hyped than they were years ago, and so today’s athletes are revered to a greater extent than they were 30 years ago. Thus, the media and fans have had an easy time crowning athletes, without regard for the legends.

Well Stutter Step is out to change that. We are going to take players in the news, and put them in historical perspective – we are going to compare them to a player of the past. For example, Roger Clemens has been in the news a lot lately for his alleged involvement with steroids. Scattered across columns and articles in ESPN, the New York Times, etc. are references to Clemens as “one of the greatest right handed starters,” or “a first-ballot hall of famer,” in addition to whatever the day’s news is regarding performance enhancing drugs. Well, Stutter Step is going to investigate this.

 Does Clemens belong in the Hall before Pedro?

Let’s examine Clemens in comparison to some other great strikeout pitchers. Nolan Ryan, Walter Johnson, or maybe even Pedro Martinez. Who should get into the Hall of Fame first? Pedro or Clemens. These are the type of questions SS thinks people need to discuss. What better way to get this discussion started, than with a blog that presents two players, analyzes them, and then compares them?



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